Benefits of Travel Insurance: What are the Advantages?

Traveling is one of the seven wonders of the heart of Brazilians. For those planning a vacation, it’s time to learn about the benefits of travel insurance. Nothing better than boarding quietly!

This leisure time is so awaited by those who seek rest and recharge their energies to resume the ever so busy activities of daily life. Is not it?

Benefits of Travel Insurance: What are the Advantages?
Benefits of Travel Insurance: What are the Advantages?

Whether alone or with family, it is important to plan ahead, think about your destination, check tickets in advance to get good prices, book accommodation and take out travel insurance.

But is it really necessary to get travel insurance anyway? If you are new to this travel solution, we have prepared this article with valuable information to help you understand this important resource.


Travel Insurance Benefits: What’s Your Need?

Whether your destination is a Brazilian city or abroad, it is highly recommended to take travel insurance to know that you and your companions will be well assisted, should any unforeseen happen.

Of course, no one expects this, but insurance exists just so you don’t have to worry about money and paperwork at a difficult time during a trip. Some of the travel insurance advantages:

  • Affordable Rates: International insurance prices start at $ 9 per day per traveler. For national insurance, this value is R $ 6.00;
  • Lost Baggage: This is a common problem at airports around the world and causes a lot of discomforts. Travel insurance, however, covers all delay, damage and theft costs during your stay, as well as helping you locate your luggage;
  • Medical and dental care: Guarantees free care in case of emergency in affiliated hospitals, or a refund of an amount you have to pay for one of the covered events;
  • Legal advice: includes reimbursement of fees paid to lawyers, in case of involvement in a traffic accident on the trip, for example;
  • Medicines: Travel insurance also covers drug expenses that are prescribed for covered events within the tour period;
  • Medical Assistance for Pregnant Women: Pregnant women are more likely to feel unwell and may need emergency care;
  • Medical Care for the Elderly: Older travelers should travel with a special plan for their age, thinking of having all the support they need;
  • Body transfer: Travel insurance offers reimbursement of body clearance and transportation expenses to the insured’s city in the event of death during the trip.

Travel insurance can be individual, where the insured is only the contractor, or collective and also offer coverage for trips aimed at extreme sports or snow. source: