How to choose a frame for a painting

Not all the frames-work for all the paintings, nor do all the canvases look the same in any frame, so here we want to offer some small ideas that serve as a script to get the most out of and be able to hit the mark when choosing a frame.

How to choose a frame for a painting
How to choose a frame for a painting

We can describe the frames as prints that visually play with the work and with its color. The painting and its frame interact with each other, so there must be harmony between the two. Many artists choose not to frame or not accept that their works are framed by the fact of not finding a style and color that matches the content.

Color of the work

The continent and the content must harmonize in terms of color. You have to think that black or wood colors always look good, but sometimes you can get more out of work if you innovate a little more.

If pale colors predominate on the canvas, you can opt for a frame with more striking colors (without falling into Fauvism) to highlight the flat hue of the work. And vice versa, if the colors of the canvas are very vivid and striking it may be a very good choice to opt for a frame that contextualizes in bright colors.

Analyze the context

Assess the context, the place, the wall where it will be hung to avoid being the same color with a different shade or colors so contradictory that they do not harmonize at all

Type of material

The most common are wood and aluminum, although they can later be coated with any other material that presents a differentiated finish.

Both aluminum and wood are very resistant materials that allow great versatility when it comes to hosting works since the colors of both materials are quite neutral in their natural condition.

Frame size

We find plenty of variety in this area as well. We have the traditional ones (large, robust and in many cases ornate) and the modern ones that tend to be finer, more discreet and subtle.

All works should have a frame for protection, but also as a mechanism to help the eye focus its attention on a specific point.