My Dear Virtual Diary

When blogs first appeared on the web, they were called virtual journals, a way to make public those notes and thoughts normally kept in drawers, some locked. They became a subversion of the idea of ​​the intimate and secret diary: to open up on the Internet what nobody before could see.

My Dear Virtual Diary
My Dear Virtual Diary

From personal diaries, blogs have become a quick and practical way to talk about everything, and have spread among journalists, writers, and activists. Even teachers and schools use blogs as a teaching resource. However, this tool continues to offer great resources for anyone looking to keep a diary.

We present three of these tools available for free. If you are interested, visit and learn more about them.



Among the blog tools available for free on the Internet, in Portuguese, Blogger is the simplest and easiest to use and has great resources. You only need to make an email in Gmail to get started. The form of publication, in reverse chronological order (the most recent publications appear first), facilitates reading, as does the possibility to archive the posts (as the texts that the author inserts in the blog are called) by date and themes.

Another important feature of Blogger is the possibility to choose who can read what you write: anyone, only your friends, only the people who subscribe to your blog. It is also possible to set up so that blog subscribers receive all the posts you write by email.

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