Definitive Solutions for Bunions and Claw Fingers

Definitive Solutions for Bunions and Claw Fingers

Bunions (or hallux valgus) and claw or hammertoes are the most common deformities of the foot, and it is not just something merely aesthetic, but they are pathologies that have serious consequences on the progress of people who suffer from it, In addition to severe pain that can lead to a disability and affect the quality of life of those who suffer.

We have them, they annoy us and we suffer them. Approximately 7 out of 10 Spaniards say they have a problem with their feet, however, many people are content to find temporary relief. What can we do than to say goodbye definitely to these problems? what causes ridges in fingernails


Bunions: the most frequent foot problem in the population

If we talk about bunions, it should be noted that they are more frequent in women and, although it has been determined that there is a high genetic predisposition, it is the use of inadequate and narrow-toed footwear the main factor that favors the appearance of this problem so common.

The natural history of hallux valgus indicates that the deformity is progressively increasing with age and that it may even condition the appearance of other deformities in the fingers and a whole series of gait disorders. In addition, the rapidity of the progression of the deformity cannot be determined in advance.

There are some orthotic treatments (orthopedics) when the problem of bunions is in its initial phase, but unfortunately, this type of measure delays the progress a bit but does not correct the deformity.

So, as the specialists indicate, surgery remains the only way to resolve this annoying foot deformity permanently. And, after years of experience and numerous scientific works, it has been shown that minimally invasive surgery or percutaneous foot surgery is the most effective and safe alternative to definitively solve bunions.

We will see it more closely in the following lines.