How to Take Your Pets on an International Trip?

Do you love to travel but can’t stand the idea of ​​leaving your pet alone at home? Yeah, you’re not the only one. Many people go through this dilemma, some give up traveling, others find a place to leave or get someone to look after. But what if you want to take him along?

How to Take Your Pets on an International Trip?

First of all, you need to know some little rules that are necessary for transporting animals during a trip. Check out everything you need to know to take your pet on a trip.



The movement of dogs and cats between countries requires some document issued by the veterinary authority of the country of origin and accepted by the countries of destination, which attests to the conditions and health history of the pet, as well as meeting the sanitary requirements of the country of origin. destiny.

In Brazil, the documents used for this purpose are the CVI (International Veterinary Certificate) and the Dog and Cat Transit Passport which are issued by the International Agricultural Surveillance Service (Vigiagro).

Each country has specific requirements to allow dogs and cats to enter its territory. It is very important for the owner to plan his pet’s trip in advance to have sufficient time to meet all the requirements of the destination country, which may sometimes require a few months.

It is the responsibility of the pet owner to seek information about the requirements from the embassy/consulate of the destination country (



So you can bring your pet on the next trip, follow the steps below. To find out where to issue the dog and cat passport or CVI, consult your State Superintendency’s Department of Agricultural Defense (DDA).


1. Once the country of destination has been defined, bring to the veterinary doctor of your pet the requirements obtained from the consulate or embassy of each country to evaluate and issue, where appropriate, a certificate attesting that your pet Your pet meets each of the requirements of the country you are traveling to.

2. Print and complete the Pet Inspection Application.

3. If you are interested in obtaining a passport for your pet and it is fit, print and complete the Dog and Cat Passport Grant Application.

4. After obtaining all required documents and completing the required forms, contact the nearest Agricultural Defense Division (DDA) to schedule an interview for your pet’s travel document grant.

Make sure that the interview takes place between 10 and 2 days from the date of travel, so that unforeseen circumstances do not prevent your pet from boarding you.

We suggest contacting the DDA at least 30 days in advance, as the service only takes place in advance. Have on hand, on the day of the interview, all the documentation required by the country of destination, the veterinary certificate attesting that the animal meets the requirements, supporting documentation (such as examinations, deworming and vaccinations) and duly completed requirements.