Asus Laptop Release 14-inch VivoBook Ultra A412, Most Slim claimed

After launching the VivoBook S and VivoBook Pro series, Asus has again released a thin lineup of laptops from the VivoBook series. This time, Asus introduces the VivoBook Ultra A412, a 14-inch laptop that is claimed to be the slimmest laptop in its class.

Asus Laptop Release 14-inch VivoBook Ultra A412, Most Slim claimed source:

Country Manager of Asus Indonesia Jimmy Lin says, as its name suggests, the VivoBook Ultra A412 comes with a more compact body but still puts the performance. “This laptop is a tiny ultrabook with a stylish and powerful design,” he said at the launch of the latest Asus VivoBook Laptop line in Jakarta, Thursday.

Furthermore, it claims that Asus VivoBook Ultra A412 is designed as a supporting device for work and playmates. “VivoBook Ultra A412 performs with best-in-class performance. Not only that, but the VivoBook Ultra A412 also has a very slim and compact body that facilitates the mobility of its users, “he added.

In terms of specifications, VivoBook Ultra A412 claimed to have the title as Ultrabook with the world\’s most colorful and small 14-inch display. The title can be achieved thanks to the dimensions of the body, which is 32 cm long and 21 cm wide. With so fleeting looks like an ultrabook that carries a 13-inch layer with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 83 percent.

The VivoBook Ultra A412 has also been equipped with modern features such as fingerprint reader or fingerprint that is already integrated with Windows Hello. The integration allows users to log in and log into their Windows 10 account in the VivoBook Ultra A412 without having to type in a password. In addition to simplicity, this feature also makes the VivoBook Ultra A412 more secure.

Asus VivoBook Ultra A412 comes with a combination of the latest hardware that delivers powerful performance in a compact ultrabook. Powered by the 8th generation Intel Core processors, the VivoBook Ultra A412 is one of the most agile tiny ultrabook available today. Its highest variant using the Intel Core i7-8565U is capable of delivering up to 4, 6GHz processing speeds on 4-Core configurations and 8 threads.

Graphically, some of the VivoBook Ultra A412 variants are powered by the NVIDIA GeForce MX250 graphics chip with 2 GB of VRAM suitable for supporting everyday activities such as enjoying entertainment content to run applications requiring graphical performance. Accompanied by DDR4 RAM as well as storage using M. 2 SSD, the VivoBook Ultra A412 is able to perform firmer.

Not only is it powerful in performance, but the VivoBook Ultra A412 is also powerful in connectivity. Despite having a very compact body, the VivoBook Ultra A412 still comes with a variety of ports, ranging from USB Type-A, USB Type-C, HDMI, and audio ports. They appear so that their users can connect a wide range of additional devices and accessories.

As a compact ultrabook that emphasizes mobility, the VivoBook Ultra A412 also comes with wireless connectivity options. Dual-band 802.11 ac WiFi connection (2 × 2) makes this ultrabook can stay connected to the Internet. While the Bluetooth 4.2 makes various wireless accessories to be freely connected. Price affair, laptop Asus VivoBook Ultra A412 removed from the price of Rp 7.6 million to the most expensive priced at Rp 13.8 million.