List of Items Needed for the First Items in the House.

List of Items Needed for the First Items in the House.

Moving to your first home is an exciting period of transition. With excitement often comes oblivion, so compiling the first list of items needed for the home proves to be helpful. From the staples, you need to the little extras you can’t live without, organizing a checklist will help you ensure that your first home is well stocked.

List of Items Needed for the First Items in the House (

Bobby pins

List of items needed for the first items in the house.
Store a trash bin with things you probably need, so you don’t have to rush to the store to get them. Examples are toilet paper, paper towels or hand towels, paper plates and napkins, plastic utensils, non-refrigerated packaged convenience foods, bottled water, or non-refrigerated packaged kitchen utensils. other drinks, trash or garbage bags, soap, bath towels, shampoo, sheets, pillows, alarm clock, and box scissors.


Even if you are not planning to fully furnish your home at once, you should at least have the basics, such as a bed, a chair, and a dining table. Additional furniture can include a bedside table, sofa, and a TV.

Cleaning and organizing supplies

Your new home may need a touch-up or you may want to pack your suitcase before receiving visitors and seeing your new living space. Have a mop, broom, dustpan, vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloths, and various sanitizing spray cleaners on hand.


Have a flashlight, extra batteries, pain killers, hammer, rake, shovel, tape measure, duct tape, knife, all-purpose lighter, phone directory, and a first aid kit.