How to Start Going to the Gym and Not Die Trying

The holidays are over and the time has come to fulfill the good purposes we have made for the year. One of the most common is to start going to the gym to get in the shape of summer face. But before starting to play sports we must take into account a series of considerations so that our purposes do not end in abandonment or, worse, injury.

Tricks to start going to the gym and not leave it

Choose the gym

It may seem obvious, but the choice of the gym is essential if we want to get in shape. The most advisable thing is that you are close to home, near work or study center or on the road that joins them. Having to waste time moving around is not advisable because it plays in favor of our lazy friend and against our beloved and commonly short time.

With friends, better

If going to the gym for you is a price you have to pay to take care of your body, the best thing you can do is go with your partner, with a friend, with a family member or with whomever you want, but with someone. Being accompanied will give you motivation and commitment. In addition, you will have more fun being able to comment on the play.

Keep it real

Like everything in life, it is essential to set an attainable goal. It is very common that when we start to go we motivate ourselves in excess and think about going every day of the week for three hours. But it is not the best way to start because it is difficult that we cannot reach it and we end up frustrating ourselves.

There are many studies on how many days a week and how much time you have to go to the gym. One of the most accepted by the scientific community says when it comes to going to a gym, the recommended is a minimum of 20 minutes 5 times per week, which covers the time recommended by the WHO. These 20 minutes can include warm-up time, routine and stretching.

The most important thing is that our training process is progressive, increasing gradually depending on the achievements we are getting. We should never increase our goal if we are not comfortable with the exercise routine we are doing, once we have been with the same exercises for a while and we notice that our body does not respond in the same way because it is already accustomed to them, it is time to Consider a new achievement.

Directed classes

If you are not used to going to the gym, it is best to attend directed classes. There is infinity and these also help us to achieve commitment in our mission because they are every day at the same time. If you do not like directed classes, it is best to do some sessions with a personal trainer so that you can mark a routine to follow.