Stop Writing by Hand is a Big Mistake

In each new generation of children, technologies are implemented at a younger age. At present, many schools give priority to the incorporation of new technologies: eBooks that banish books, tablets that make notebooks forget, etc. But will one day the computer replace the pencil and notebooks completely? What will happen then? Next, we want to explain what the consequences of this great error may be on the learning of the little ones.

Why it is a big mistake not to teach children to write by hand

Reading and writing bring endless benefits to children. Handwriting is not the same as typing computer keys. If this time came, children would be missing a lot of benefits for their learning. In fact, the brain is more active when typed by hand than when typing on the computer. Stop writing by hand is a big mistake because it affects the development of…


The development of a child’s brain is based on the way he learns to write. It is not at all like to write words by typing in an ordinate than writing the letters by hand with a type of calligraphy. In addition, this process includes the development of the artistic part of the person.

Fine motor

Writing is essential in the development of children’s fine motor skills. If we did not learn to write by hand, the fingers would lose their usefulness and agility. We would have clumsy hands.

Speech, memory and spatial orientation

Calligraphy allows the frontal lobes of the brain to develop. It is an area of ​​the frontal cortex of the brain directly related to memory, speech, reasoning and problem-solving. Like the frontal lobes, the parietal lobes of the brain are also activated. These are directly related to touch and spatial orientation.

Reading comprehension

The fact of writing by hand implies effort and understanding of what is being written. When we write with paper and pencil, we activate the temporal lobes. They are responsible for relating the content received in the short term and relate it to the long-term conclusions. In addition, it helps us to recognize words, shapes, and colors more easily.

Calligraphy is personalized and spelling is learned

At the age of 8, handwriting begins to adopt its own personality, since it is part of the child’s identity. At the same time, writing enables us to learn the spelling rules of writing and implement them.

Ideas flow much more easily

When we write by hand, we allow enough time for the brain to express itself. With the keyboard, we do not allow time to reconsider because we write at a higher speed.