Change of Layout Transforms Apartment of 400 m²

No features left of the old plant of this large apartment, in Vitória, in Espírito Santo, located in a building of the decade of 1980. The view of the Yacht club and the Convento da Penha enchanted the owners immediately, but the distribution of the environments did not meet the needs of the family, formed by a couple and two children. So they summoned the architect Vivian Coser, from the VCS projects office, to translate their dreams into reality.

Layout Transforms Apartment of 400 m² Source:

The main solution proposed by the professional was to integrate the environments in favor of more space, so that the family could spend more time together. In addition, when readequating the layout, Vivian managed to accommodate four suites where previously there were only two. With the upgrade of electrical and hydraulic installations, it was possible to add other comfort items, such as modern sound systems and automation.

Having as a conductor the surrounding landscape, some environments changed places to privilege the view, like the toilet that gave space to the gourmet cuisine, presented with the image of the Convento da Penha entering through the window. The intimate room, which was previously separated from the living area, now forms a single environment along with the dining room and the home theater. Integrating is an increasingly common trend, as evidenced by this newly reformed Carioca apartment.

Clear and with a sophisticated touch, the finishes have also been renewed. Now, the floor of the social area was covered with Nanoglass (crystallized glass surface) and solid wood parquet from Indusparquet.

In the decoration predominate the sober tones, at the request of the residents. But to break the monochrome atmosphere, the architect selected artwork, objects and some items of furniture with vibrant colors. Another wish of the owner was to have a winery, since it is a great wine connoisseur. To meet this special request, Vivian created a closed environment with glass walls, leaving the bottles in sight as part of the decoration

The balcony was all glazed so that the view of the yacht club came at ease. In addition, the Chandelier Alcachofra, by designer Louis Poulsen (La Lampe) stands out. The chairs are signed by Jean-Marie Massaud (Montenapoleone). Now, the family enjoys the passionate postcards of Vitoria, accommodated in a modern and comfortable apartment.